Rash in Spanish

Rash in Spanish

How do you say ‘rash in Spanish’?. The rash is a common, treatable, and generally short-lived illness that can also be called dermatitis. It is characterized by inflammation, bulging, or irritation of the skin. It may have a somewhat pinkish or reddish hue, is scaly, dry, fringed, and itchy. The rashes can also have blisters, sores, bumps, whiteheads, and pimples.

Rash in Spanish

How to translate rash in Spanish?

rash – sarpullido, salpullido, erupción


Luisa: Tengo mucho sarpullido | I have a lot of rash
Marcos: Vamos a tener que ir a ver al doctor | We are going to have to go see the doctor


Tengo un sarpullido en el brazo
La erupción está mejorando
Mi sarpullido se ha ido
Tengo un sarpullido en el cuello
Tienes que cuidar ese sarpullido
Tengo un sarpullido en los pies
Las erupciones son tratables
Eso no es un sarpullido
Pon esta crema en el sarpullido
No toques el sarpullido


I have a rash on my arm
The eruption is getting better
My rash is gone
I have a rash on my neck
You have to take care of that rash
I have a rash on my feet
Rashes are treatable
That’s not a rash
Put this cream on the rash
Don’t touch the rash

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