Possum in Spanish

Possum in Spanish

How do you say ‘opossum in Spanish’? The possum is a small mammalian animal well known in North America. It is one of the oldest marsupials on the planet, since according to a study carried out in 2009 by Ines Horovitz, a researcher at the University of California, there are multiple fossils of this animal from more than 65 million years ago, when the dinosaurs became extinct, and that gave way to the evolution of mammals.

Possum in Spanish

It is characterized by an unattractive physical appearance, very similar to that of the rat. Its body is quite compact and is covered by a fairly thick middle layer of hair in various shades such as: gray, white, brown and black. Its head is long and its ears are very small and round, it also has a long pink snout, and its eyes are black, round and shiny. It has four fairly short legs, and very flexible, its fingers are thin and strong, in addition to a prehensile tail devoid of hair. They are great climbers, unpredictable, somewhat nervous and active, but they are slow to walk on the ground.

How to translate possum in Spanish?

possum, opossum – la zarigüeya, o chucha común


Lily: Carlos, compraremos una zarigüeya como mascota de la casa | Carlos, we will buy a possum as a house pet

Carlos: Está bien | OK


Una zarigüeya tiene las patas pequeñas
La zarigüeya es indefensa
Las zarigüeyas se parecen a los ratones
Vimos varias zarigüeyas en el museo
La zarigüeya es trepadora
La zarigüeya es perezosa y lenta
Según los estudios la zarigüeya tiene muchos años en la tierra


A possum has small legs
The possum is helpless
Possums look like mice
We saw several possums in the museum
The possum is a climber
The possum is lazy and slow
According to studies the opossum has many years on earth

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