Perreras in Spanish

Perreras in Spanish

Let’s find out what ‘perreras’ means in Spanish. ‘Perreras’ is a word which means ‘doghouse’ or ‘animal shelter’. This word describes a place that is built to protect the stray animals from the street life and to provide them a home.

Perreras in Spanish

How to translate perreras in Spanish?

perreras, casa de perro – doghouse, kennels

la residencia canina – kennels


Lily: Carlos, vamos hoy a visitar la perrera de Juana | Carlos, today we are going to visit Juana’s kennel

Carlos: Está bien | OK


Me gusta mucho visitar las perreras
La perrera de Juana tiene muchos perros
Entregaré mi perro a una perrera


I really like visiting the kennels
Juana’s doghouse has many dogs
I will deliver my dog to a doghouse

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