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Okay in Spanish

okay in Spanish

How do you say ‘Okay’ in Spanish?. Okay is a word used in the English language that means to express agreement. Another meaning of this word is to say that something is satisfactory or good. This word is spelled differently in both languages, but its pronunciation remains the same.

How do you say okay in Spanish

How to translate Okay in Spanish?

okay -ok – okey

Synonymous of the word ‘okay’:

Sí – Yes
Vale – OK
Bueno – OK, good
Claro – Sure
Cierto – True
Exacto – Exactly
Perfecto – Perfect
Esta bien – It’s fine
De acuerdo – Alright, agree
Claro que si – Certainly
Por supuesto – Of course
También – Too
No lo dudes – Do not hesitate
approved- aprobado


Lily: Carlos, quiero que vayas al supermercado a comprar frutas | Carlos, I want you to go to the supermarket to buy fruits

Carlos: Okey (Está bien) | Okay


Está bien, vámonos juntos
Está bien, luego hablamos
Carlos, está bien, gracias
Está bien, esto está perfecto
Está bien, más tarde te paso a buscar
Nelson, está bien, ¿pero cuando vienes?
Está bien, gracias por todo


Okay, let’s go together
Okay, we talk later
Carlos, it’s okay, thank you
Okay, this is perfect
Okay, later I’ll pick you up
Nelson, okay, but when do you come over?
Okay, thanks for everything

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