Of Course in Spanish

Of Course in Spanish

How do you say ‘of course in Spanish’?. Of course is a phrase that indicates that what is said is in line, it is a confirmation of the above, it is correct, true and accepted. This term is formed by the preposition ‘of’ and the participle of the verb ‘suppose’.

Of Course in Spanish

How to translate of course in Spanish?

of course – por supuesto

to suppose – suponer


Dalia: ¿Seguro que vas a venir mañana? | Are you sure you’re coming tomorrow?
Harold: Por supuesto, seguro que sí | Of course I sure do


Por supuesto que lo haré
El color rojo, por supuesto, tiene que ser
Las flores claro que ya las compré
El auto por supuesto es mío
Por supuesto que vengo más tarde
Por supuesto que todos vamos a la playa


Of course I’ll do it
The color red, of course, has to be
The flowers of course I already bought them
The car of course is mine
Of course I come later
Of course we all go to the beach

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