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Nosotros Commands in Spanish

Nosotros Commands in Spanish
Nosotros Commands in Spanish

How do you form nosotros commands in Spanish?

Learn how to use nosotros commands in Spanish. Note: “Nosotros” commands are used when the speaker isincluded, and are used to express the idea “let’s + verb”. To form these commands, use the “nosotros” form of the Present subjunctive.

Escribamos la carta – Let’s write the letter.

Pintemos las paredes. – Let’s paint the walls.

Note: To form the negative command, place the word “no” before the same verb form (Present subjunctive).

No escribamos la carta – Let’s not write the letter.

No pintemos las paredes. – Let’s not paint the walls.

Note: The only exception is the verb “ir(se)”, which uses the Present indicative for the affirmative command only.


Vamos ahora. – Let’s go now.


No vayamos ahora. – Let’s not go now.

Note: As with other commands, a written accent is often required when pronouns are added. With affirmative commands, the final “s” of the verb form is dropped before adding the pronouns “nos” or “se”

amemo – s + nos = amémonos.
Let’s love ownself

escribamo – s + se + los = escribámoselos.
Let’s write it to them.

But not with negative commands.

No nos amemos. – Let’s not love ownself

No se los escribamos. – Let’s not write it to them.

Note: “Vamos a + infinitive” can also be used to convey the meaning “Let’s ___.”

Note the two different ways of saying the same thing.

Bailemos juntos. – Let’s dance together.

Vamos a bailar juntos. – Let’s dance together.

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