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My Love in Spanish

My Love in Spanish

How do you say ‘my love in Spanish’?. ‘My love’ is a popular phrase, which we use a lot when we refer to someone we love. In general, it works as a noun, because with this term we are naming someone in particular. It is necessary to emphasize that this phrase is generally used between couples or also family members, if you do it with a friend this can reflect affection, or also a type of romantic feeling.

My Love in Spanish

How to translate my love in Spanish?

my love – mi amor


Luisa: Mi amor ¿qué estás haciendo? | My love, what are you doing?
Marcos: ¡Estoy trabajando cariño! | I’m working honey!


¿Mi amor dónde estás?
Mi amor, te amo
Eres mi amor
Tú eres lo mas importante para mi, mi amor
¿Cuándo te veo mi amor?
¿Te sientes mejor mi amor?
¿Estás bien mi amor?
Estoy cansado mi amor
Todo mi amor es para ti


My love, where are you?
I love you, my love
You are my Love
You are the most important thing for me, my love
When do I see you, my love?
Do you feel better my love?
Are you OK my love?
I’m tired my love
All my love Is for you

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