Mitómana in Spanish

Mitómana in Spanish

This article will tell you what ‘mitómana’ means in Spanish.’Mitómana’ is a Spanish word which means ‘mythomaniac’ in the English language. This term describes a person who is always making up situations or lying. A mythomaniac always lies, even if reluctantly, without knowing it and talks about everything in an exaggerated way.

Mitómana in Spanish

How to translate mitómana in Spanish?

la mitómana (fem.)(singular) – the mythomaniac

el mitómano (masc.)(singular) – the mythomaniac


Lily: Juan es un mitómano | Juan is a mythomaniac

Carlos: Sí, es verdad | Yes it’s true


Esa chica es una mitómana, ella siempre miente
No le creas nada a Mario, él es un mitómano
No me gusta las personas mitómanas


That girl is a mythomaniac, she always lies
Do not believe anything to Mario, he is a mythomaniac
I don’t like mythomaniacal people

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