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Lungs in Spanish

Lungs in Spanish

How do you say ‘lungs in Spanish’?. The lungs are two cone-shaped organs that are part of the respiratory system. The right lung is divided into three sections called lobes and slightly larger than the left which has only two lobes. One of the most important functions of the lungs is that it is in charge of gas exchange and allows us to live. When we inhale, we introduce oxygen that will be carried to the cells of our body; When we exhale, the lungs remove carbon dioxide, which is a waste product of cells.

Lungs in Spanish

How to translate lungs in Spanish?

lungs: pulmones

lung: pulmón


Lily: En el chequeo salió que los pulmones estaban limpios | In the checkup it came out that the lungs were clean

Carlos: Perfecto | Perfect


Los pulmones son muy importantes
Sin pulmones no podemos vivir
Los pulmones nos ayudan a respirar
Tenemos dos pulmones
Respiramos con la ayuda de los pulmones
Su pulmón se está llenando con fluido.
Sus pulmones no tienen problema.


The lungs are very important
Without lungs we cannot live
The lungs help us breathe
We have two lungs
We breathe with the help of the lungs
Your lung is filling with fluid.
His lungs have no problem.

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