Insurance in Spanish

Insurance in Spanish

How do you say ‘ insurance in Spanish’?. Insurance is a financial means that helps us reduce financial problems in the future, since by signing a contract or policy with an insurance company in which you agree to pay a certain amount of money you are guaranteeing a certain payment in the future in case something happens for which you are not insured. For example, it could be the possibility that by chance an event occurs, future and uncertain. There are different types of risk such as: theft, fire, floods, the damages that the car may suffer or those that we can cause to others, the accidents to which we are exposed in our private and professional lives.

Insurance in Spanish

How to translate insurance in Spanish?

insurance – seguro

Types of Insurance in English and Spanish


Seguros de accidentes personales
Seguros de dependencia
Seguros de salud o enfermedad
Seguros de vida

Prestación de servicios:
Seguros de decesos
Seguros de defensa jurídica
Seguros de asistencia en viaje

Daños o patrimoniales:
Seguros de automóvil
Seguros de incendios
Seguros de responsabilidad civil
Seguros de ingeniería
Seguros multirriesgo
Seguros de crédito y caución
Seguros de pérdidas pecuniarias diversas
Seguros de robo
Seguros de transportes


Personal accident insurance
Dependency insurance
Health or sickness insurance
Life insurances

Provision of services:
Funeral insurance
Legal defense insurance
Travel assistance insurance

Damages or property:
Car insurance
Fire insurance
Civil liability insurance
Engineering insurance
Multi-risk insurance
Credit and surety insurance
Miscellaneous pecuniary loss insurance
Theft insurance
Transport insurance


Lily: Carlos, vamos a hacernos un seguro de vida | Carlos, let’s get life insurance

Carlos: Está bien | OK


Ella tenía un seguro de vida
Tener un seguro es importante
Necesito un seguro para mi familia
Consigamos un seguro
El seguro asegura el futuro
El auto tiene seguro
La casa tiene seguro


She had life insurance
Having insurance is important
I need insurance for my family
Let’s get insurance
Insurance ensures the future
The car has insurance
The house has insurance

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