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Happy Halloween in Spanish

Happy Halloween in Spanish

How do you say ‘Happy Halloween in Spanish. The meaning of Halloween is “All hallow’s eve”, a term that comes from the Old English language. This celebration is celebrated on the night of October 31, the eve of the Feast of All Saints, with the aim of prolonging fear, terror, the idea of witches and ghosts. Halloween marks a sad return to ancient paganism, a trend that has unfortunately also spread among Hispanic peoples. On this day we dress in masks, costumes, eat sweets, and put on different makeup than normal.

However, for believers it is the feast of All Saints that truly has relevance and reflects faith in the future for those who hope and live according to the Gospel preached by Jesus. Respect for the mortal remains of those who died in faith and their memory.

Happy Halloween in Spanish

How to translate happy Halloween in Spanish?

halloween – víspera de todos los santos

Happy Hallowen – Feliz víspera de todos los santos


los monstruos – the monsters

la calabaza- pumpkin

la bruja – the witch

el otoño – fall

espantoso(a) – frightening, hideous

la araña – the spider

el gato – the cat

el dulce – the sweet

los caramelos – the candies

el ataúd – the coffin

la oscuridad – the darkness

muerto(a) – dead

la luna – the moon

luna llena – full moon

la bolsa – the bag

gritar – to scream

un grito – a shout

misterioso(a) – mysterious

la salida del sol – the sunset

la zombi – the zombie

momia – mummy

la disfraz – the costume

el cuento de fantasmas – the ghost stories

la máscara – the mask

el cementerio – the cemetery

murciélago – bat

el fantasma – the ghost

fantasmal – ghostly

anaranjado(a) – orange (color)

la naranja – the orange (fruit)

la casa de fantasmas – the house of ghosts

casa embrujada – haunted house

la escoba – the broom

la sangre – the blood

el vampiro – the vampire

la noche – the night

al anochecer – at dusk

el esqueleto – the skeleton

octubre – October

la manzana – the apple

tener miedo de – to be afraid of

el día de los muertos – the day of dead

hombre lobo – werewolf

el duende – the goblin

las películas de terror – the horror movies

la calavera – the skull

la telearaña – the spiderweb

el payaso – the clown


Mi hija nació en Halloween
Me encantan las fiestas de Halloween
En octubre celebramos Halloween
Cenaremos juntos en Halloween
Nos vestiremos de cadáveres en Halloween
Compré muchos caramelos para la fiesta de Halloween


My daughter was born on Halloween
I love Halloween parties
In October we celebrate Halloween
We will have dinner together on Halloween
We’ll dress up as corpses on Halloween
I bought a lot of candy for the Halloween party

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