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Happy Belated Birthday in Spanish

Happy Belated Birthday in Spanish

How do you say ‘happy belated birthday in Spanish’?. A birthday is the anniversary of a person’s birth. It is an event that takes place once a year and is usually celebrated with a party and the most desired place.

Happy Belated Birthday in Spanish

How to translate happy belated birthday in Spanish?

happy belated birthday – feliz cumpleaños tardío, feliz cumpleaños atrasado


Lily: Carlos, feliz cumpleaños atrasado, espero que hayas tenido un feliz día | Carlos, happy belated birthday, I hope you had a happy day

Carlos: Sí, la he pasado muy bien con mis familiares | Yes, I have had a great time with my relatives

Lily: Me alegra mucho saber que la pasaste como te mereces | I’m very happy to know that you had the time you deserve


Feliz cumpleaños tardío, ¿cómo la pasaste?
Feliz cumpleaños atrasado, ¿te divertiste?
Bendiciones y feliz cumpleaños tardío
Feliz cumpleaños atrasado
Feliz cumpleaños tardío, ¿cómo fue todo?
Ayer fue tu cumpleaños, feliz cumpleaños tardío
Sé que tu cumpleaños fue ayer, feliz cumpleaños tardío


Happy belated birthday, how did you spend it?
Happy belated birthday, did you have fun?
Blessings and happy belated birthday
Happy belated birthday
Happy belated birthday, how was everything?
Yesterday was your birthday, happy belated birthday
I know your birthday was yesterday, happy belated birthday

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