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Hair Dryer in Spanish

Hair Dryer in Spanish

How do you say ‘hair dryer in Spanish’?. The hair dryer is an electrical device designed to expel hot or cold air over wet hair, accelerating the evaporation of water in order to dry the hair. Over the years they have evolved. There are small and large dryers, the small ones are convenient for travel, as they are very comfortable because they fit in small spaces and are portable.

The hair dryer has a structure that contains a kind of housing and a handle that can be adapted to the hand. Its shape is similar to a pistol.

Hair Dryer in Spanish

How to translate hair dryer in Spanish?

hair dryer – el secador de pelo, la secadora de pelo


Lily: Carlos, cuando vayas a la tienda, por favor cómprame una secadora de pelo | Carlos, when you go to the store, please buy me a hair dryer

Carlos: Está bien | OK


La secadora de pelo me costó $50
Gracias por la secadora de pelo
El secador de pelo no funciona
La secadora de pelo está rota
Nancy tiene el secador de pelo mío
La secadora de pelo es roja
El secador de pelo está frío
Necesito una secadora de pelo
Cómprame un secador de pelo
La secadora de pelo es nueva


The hair dryer cost me $ 50
Thanks for the hair dryer
The hair dryer does not work
The hair dryer is broken
Nancy has my hair dryer
The hair dryer is red
The hair dryer is cold
I need a hair dryer
Buy me a hair dryer
The hair dryer is new

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Hairdryer in Spanish