Hair Colors in Spanish

Hair Colours in Spanish
Hairstyles and Hair Types in Spanish x
Hairstyles and Hair Types in Spanish

How do you say ‘hair colors’ in Spanish? What are the different hair colors in the Spanish translation? There is a wide variety of colors used in hair. In this article, we will break down the most popular hair colors in English and Spanish.

Hair Colours in Spanish

How to translate hair colors in Spanish?

hair colors – colores de cabello, colores de pelo

What are the different hair colors in Spanish?

cabello rubio – blond hair
cabello negro – black hair
el cabello castaño – the brown hair
cabello rojo – red hair
cabello canoso – grey hair
pelo azulado – bluish hair
pelo caoba – mahogany hair
el pelo café – the brown hair (coffee color)
pelo canela – cinnamon hair
cabello cobrizo – coppery hair
cabello morado – purple hair
pelo caramelo – caramel hair
pelo chocolate – chocolate hair
color rubio dorado – golden blonde color
color rubio miel – honey blonde color
el color castaño dorado – the golden chestnut color
color rojo dorado – golden red color
color rubio veneciano – venetian blonde color
el color castaño – the brown color

Sentences with the term hair colors in Spanish:

Colores de pelo es lo que buscamos.Hair colors is what we are looking for.
¿Qué colores de pelo tienes?What hair colors do you have?
Tienes varios colores de pelo.You have various hair colors.
Expondrán varios colores de pelo.They will exhibit various colors of hair.
Comienza la feria de colores de pelo.The fair of hair colors begins.
Con esos colores de pelo no llegarás lejos.With those hair colors you won’t get far.
Pareces un pavo real con esos colores de pelo.You look like a peacock with those hair colors.
Mejor cambia esos colores de pelo.Better change those hair colors.
Colores de pelo fantasía es lo que vendemos.Fantasy hair colors is what we sell.
Me gustan esos colores de pelo.I like those hair colors.
Tienes muchos colores de pelo.You have many hair colors.
Tíñeme con esos colores de pelo.Dye me those hair colors.
¿Qué colores de pelo te gustan?What hair colors do you like?
Tengo pelucas de varios colores de pelo.I have wigs of various hair colors.
Busco colores de pelo específicos.I’m looking for specific hair colors.
Tengo colores de pelo cenizos.I have ash hair colors.
No sé cuál de estos colores de pelo elegir.I don’t know which of these hair colors to choose.
Algún día recuperarás tus colores de pelo.Someday you’ll get your hair colors back.
Elige entre estos colores de pelo.Choose from these hair colors.
No sé por qué tantos colores de pelo.I don’t know why so many hair colors.
Quítate esos colores de pelo.Take off those hair colors.
Hoy compré varios colores de pelo.Today I bought several hair colors.
Te regalaré varios colores de pelo.I will give you several hair colors.
Colores de pelo es lo que nos sobran.Hair colors is what we have left over.
Se te ven seis colores de pelo.You have six colors of hair.
Revisa el catálogo de colores de pelo.Check the catalog of hair colors.
Solo para ti traje estos colores de pelo.Just for you I brought these hair colors.
¡Qué horrible tus colores de pelo!How horrible your hair colors!
Esos colores de pelo están funestos.Those hair colors are evil.
Los hombres no lucen tantos colores de pelo.Men don’t sport as many hair colors.

Sentences using the different types of hair colors in Spanish

Kevin tiene el pelo negro y largoKevin has long black hair.
El chico es rubiothe boy is blonde
Mi cabello es negroMy hair is black
El pelo de mi mamá es canosoMy mom’s hair is gray
Tu cabello es rubioyour hair is blonde
Nosotros somo pelirrojosWe are redheads
Ella es rubiashe is blonde
Ella es pelirrojashe is redhead
Su cabello es castañoher hair is brown
Marta tiene el cabello grisMarta has gray hair

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