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Hair Bangs in Spanish

Hair Bangs in Spanish

How do you say ‘hair bangs’ in Spanish?. Hair bang is one of the most effective ways to renew our appearance. No matter how your hair or your face is, a hair fringe can always be the perfect change for you. There are bangs with straight and curly hair, fine and thick, long or short, you just need to know which one is the best for you and the one you would most like to have.  

Hair Bangs in Spanish

How to translate hair bangs in Spanish?

hair bangs – flequillo de pelo

fringe – cerquillo

Types of hair bangs in Spanish and English:

wispy o despuntado – wispy or blunt
largo con raya al lado – largo con raya al lado
con pelo rizado – with curly hair
flequillo fragmentado – fragmented bangs
flequillo cortina o abierto – curtain or open bangs
el flequillo asimétrico – the asymmetrical bangs
flequillo recto – straight bangs
baby Bang – baby bang


Ella tiene un flequillo de pelo
Su flequillo de pelo es rojo
El flequillo de pelo se ve bien en ella
Muy elegante su cabello con flequillo
Los flequillos de pelo de Marta son lisos
Los flequillos de pelo de Carla son rizados
Amo tu cabello con cerquillo
¡Qué bien se ve tu flequillo!
Me hice un cerquillo de pelo para variar
Ella es alta y tiene un flequillo de cabello castaño


She has a fringe of hair
Her hair fringe is red
The hair fringe looks good on her
Very elegant her hair with bangs
Marta’s hair bangs are straight
Carla’s hair bangs are curly
I love your hair with fringe
How good your bangs look!
I made myself a fringe of hair for a change
She is tall and has brown hair bangs

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