Good Friday in Spanish

Good Friday in Spanish

How do you say ‘Good Friday’ in Spanish. ‘Good Friday’ is a Christian holiday that commemorates and remembers the death and passion of Jesus of Nazareth. This day is celebrated during Holy Week, Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

Good Friday in Spanish

How to translate good Friday in Spanish?

Good Friday – El Viernes Bueno; El Vienes Santo


Lily: Carlos, este semana es de Viernes Santo | Carlos, this week is Good Friday

Carlos: Está bien | OK


La semana que viene es Viernes Santo
Quiero estar en casa para el Viernes Santo
El Viernes Santo tendremos una ceremonia.
Vamos a cenar juntos el Viernes Santo


Next week is Good Friday
I want to be home by Good Friday
On Good Friday we will have a ceremony.
We are going to have dinner together on Good Friday

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