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Fox in Spanish

Fox in Spanish

How do you say ‘fox in Spanish’? Fox (noun) – The fox is a medium-sized canid mammal with a slender body, short sturdy legs, erect ears, and a long, pointed snout. Its tail is long with a lot of hair and a medium reddish color. The fox is a fast, silent, very cautious predator and generally always hunts at night.

Fox in Spanish

How to translate fox in Spanish?

fox (masc.) (noun)- zorro

fox (fem.) (noun) – zorra

foxes (masc.) (noun) – zorros

foxes(fem.) (noun) – zorras

Zorro(a) (adj.) This word is also used as an adjective to describe a person who thinks he/she is very cunning and has a great ability to deceive others.


Luisa: Marcos, ¿sabías que los zorros son muy rápidos y salen a cazar en las noches? | Marcos, did you know that foxes are very fast and go hunting at night?
Marcos: Muy interesante tu información | Your information is very interesting


Los zorros son muy rápidos
Vimos un zorro en el zoológico
Los zorros salen a cazar de noche
Los zorros son mamíferos
El zorro tiene mucho pelaje
La piel de zorro se usa mucho en las peleterías.


Foxes are very fast
We saw a fox at the zoo
Foxes go hunting at night
Foxes are mammals
The fox has a lot of fur.
Fox fur is widely used in fur shops.

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