Fire Extinguisher in Spanish

Fire Extinguisher in Spanish

How do you say ‘fire extinguisher in Spanish?’. ‘Fire extinguisher’ is a device that contains a fire extinguishing agent, which can be projected and directed on the fire by the action of an internal pressure, intended to put out an incipient or controlled fire until the arrival of specialized personnel, they should never be used for very large fires, as a fire extinguisher would not be enough.

Fire extinguishers are the fastest, most effective and immediate way to put out the fire and stop its progress, in fact they are so necessary in homes, industries, business centers, companies, schools, offices, vehicles and anywhere where there may be a risk of fire, and are required as a safety rule.

Fire Extinguisher in Spanish

How to translate fire extinguisher in Spanish?

extintor de incendios – fire extinguisher

extintor – fire extinguisher

matafuegos (Spanish compound nouns) – fire extinguisher


Lily:  ¡Carlos, urgente, trae el extintor de incendios! | Carlos, urgently, bring the fire extinguisher!

Carlos: ¡Dios mío! | OMG


¡Trae el extintor de incendios ahora!
En la casa hay un extintor de incendios
Los extintores de incendios son necesarios
Los extintores de incendios son importantes
En casa de mi padre hay un matafuegos
Nuestro centro necesita un extintor de incendios


Get the fire extinguisher now!
In the house there is a fire extinguisher
Fire extinguishers are necessary
Fire extinguishers are important
In my father’s house there is a fire extinguisher
Our center needs a fire extinguisher

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