Fence in Spanish

Fence in Spanish

How do you say ‘fence in Spanish’?. The fence is usually a metal or wooden wall that is installed around a site for the division, protection, and security of the site. We can find them around houses, gardens, in a field or in a park. One of the main goals of having a fence is to protect against potential burglary attempts on a property. A fence can also be a decorative element, especially in small gardens.

Fence in Spanish

How to translate fence in Spanish?

fence – cerca, valla, cercado

to fence – cercar


Luisa: Marcos, este lunes vamos a instalar la cerca | Marcos, this Monday we are going to install the fence
Marcos: Perfecto | Perfect


Mi abuela pinta la cerca de azul
Pondremos una valla para protegernos
La valla es larga
La valla de mi jardín es bonita
Vamos a cercar toda la casa
El parque tiene una valla
Mi escuela tiene está cercada


My grandmother paints the fence blue
We will put up a fence to protect ourselves
The fence is long
The fence in my garden is pretty
We are going to fence the whole house
The park has a fence
My school is fenced

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