Excited in Spanish

Excited in Spanish

How do you say ‘excited in Spanish’?. The word excited has two meanings in the Spanish language: ’emocionado’ and ‘excitado’.

Excited in Spanish

How to translate excited in Spanish?

emocionado (masc.) – excited

emocionada (fem.) – excited

excitado (masc.) – excited

excitada (fem.) – excited

emocionar – to thrill

When to use ’emocionado’?

‘Emocionado’ is an adjective that describes the state of a person or animal, it means emotion, enthusiasm, expectant interest or anxiety for something or someone capable of moving the mind. It is a conjugation of the verb ’emocionar’

Synonyms of the word ’emocionado’:

agitado – agitated
eufórico – euphoric
exaltado – exalted
exasperado – exasperated
inquieto – restless


Carlos está muy emocionado
Yo estoy emocionada con la nueva idea
Tú está emocionada con la noticia nueva
Todos estamos emocionados de verte
Ellas estaban emocionadas en el ensayo
Estamos emocionados esperando los resultados


Carlos is very excited
I am excited about the new idea
You are excited about the new news
We are all excited to see you
They were excited at rehearsal
We are excited waiting for the results

When to use ‘excitado’?

“Excitado” means to intensify a state, activity or feeling, to activate, stimulate, awaken. When you provoke something a state of enthusiasm or nervousness. We also use this word when a sexual desire or stimulation is provoked.


El chico está excitado
El perro se excitó con tu grito
Nosotros estamos excitados
Yo también estoy excitada
Tú ya estás excitado


The boy is excited
The dog got excited by your scream
We are excited
I am also excited
You are already excited

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