Deshebrar in Spanish

Deshebrar in Spanish

Let’s find out what ‘deshebrar’ means in Spanish. ‘Deshebrar’ is a word which means ‘to unpick’, ‘to unravel’, ‘to string’ or ‘to shred’ . This term is used to describe an act to separate anything into pieces. It is usually used as an action like ripping off the stitches of a clothes or shredding a piece of meat.

Deshebrar in Spanish

How to translate deshebrar in Spanish?

to unpick, to unravel – deshebrar (sewing)

to string – deshebrar (to string)

to shred – deshebrar (to tear into shreds)


Lily: Carlos, vamos a deshebrar la costura del pantalón | Carlos, let’s unpick the seam of the pants

Carlos: Está bien | OK


Ella deshebró su vestido (sewing)
Pedro pudo deshebrar los trajes (sewing)

Yo estoy deshebrando la carne para cocinarla (to shred)


She unpicked her dress
Pedro was able to unravel the suits

I am shredding the meat to cook it

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