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Concussion in Spanish

Concussion in Spanish

How do you say ‘concussion in Spanish’?. Concussion occurs when the head hits an object or vice versa. A concussion is one of the types of brain injury. This process is also called: traumatic brain injury. Concussion can affect the way the brain works. Depending on the magnitude of the brain injury and how long it lasts depends on how severe the concussion is. Traumatic brain injuries can cause headaches, loss of consciousness, memory loss, and changes in thinking.

Concussion in Spanish

How to translate concussion in Spanish?

concussion – concusión, conmoción cerebral

traumatic brain injury – lesión cerebral traumática

traumatismo craneoencefálico – head trauma


Luisa: Nancy tuvo una conmoción cerebral | Nancy had a concussion
Marcos: ¡Qué triste esa noticia! | How sad that news!


Nancy tuvo una conmoción cerebral
Debes de tratarte la conmoción cerebral
Las conmociones cerebrales son peligrosas
Cuidado, evita que ocurra una conmoción cerebral
La conmoción cerebral da dolor de cabeza
Las náuseas son un síntoma de concusión
El vómito es un síntoma de una concusión
La conmoción cerebral puede darte visión borrosa
En golpe en la cabeza puede causar una concusión


Nancy had a concussion
You must treat the concussion
Concussions are dangerous
Be careful, prevent a concussion from happening
Concussion gives headache
Nausea is a concussion symptom
Vomiting is a symptom of a concussion
Concussion can give you blurred vision
A blow to the head can cause a concussion

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