Chimuelos in Spanish

Chimuelos in Spanish

Let’s find out what ‘chimuelos’ means in Spanish. ‘Chimuelos’ is a word that means ‘toothless’. The word toothless describes when a person is missing one or more teeth. The toothless situation can be caused by many factors like an accident, any disease or also this word is used for any infant that don’t have teeth.

Chimuelos in Spanish

How to translate chimuelos in Spanish?

chimuelo(masc.)(singular) – toothless

chimuela(fem.)(singular) – toothless

chimuelos(masc.)(plural) – toothless

chimuelas(fem.)(plural) – toothless

Other way to say: chimuelos

desdentados – toothless


Lily: Carlos, ya estás chimuelo | Carlos, you are already toothless

Carlos: Sí lo sé | Yes, I know


La sonrisa de mi abuelo es chimuela
Los niños son chimuelos
Su chimuela sonrisa me cautiva


My grandfather’s smile is toothless
The children are toothless
His toothless smile captivates me

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