Chicken Nuggets in Spanish

Chicken Nuggets in Spanish

How do you say ‘chicken nuggets in Spanish’?. ‘Chicken nuggets’ are mainly made up of the white meat of the chicken, minced into very small pieces, where entrails, fat, cartilage and other components can also be added. The chicken nugget is coated with egg and breadcrumbs before cooking, it can be fried or bake.

Chicken Nuggets in Spanish

How to translate chicken nuggets in Spanish?

chicken nuggets – nuggets de pollo


Lily: Carlos, me encantan los nuggets de pollos | Carlos, I love chicken nuggets

Carlos: Son deliciosos | They’re delicious


Los nuggets de pollo están calientes
Me gusta comer nuggets de pollo
Vamos a comprar nuggets de pollo
Ellos venden nuggets de pollo
Voy a hacer nuggets de pollo
Vamos a freír nuggets de pollo


Chicken nuggets are hot
I like to eat chicken nuggets
Let’s go buy chicken nuggets
They sell chicken nuggets
I’m going to make chicken nuggets
Let’s go fry chicken nuggets

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