Cesenta in Spanish

Cesenta in Spanish

How to say cesenta in Spanish?.

This article will tell you what ‘cesenta’ means in Spanish.


‘Cementa’ is a Spanish word which means ‘to case-harden’ or ‘to cement’. This term can be used to describe a situation where something is hardened with the help of cement. It can also be used when talking about construction or using concrete.

Cesenta in Spanish

How to translate cementa in Spanish?

cementa – cement

cementado(a) – cemented

cementar – to cement


Lily: Carlos, ¿cuándo vas a cementar los bloques? | Carlos, when are you going to cement the blocks?

Carlos: Muy pronto | Very soon


Vamos a cementar la escalera
Carlos cementa los bloques
La mejor opción es cementarlo todo


Let’s cement the ladder
Carlos cements the blocks
The best option is to cement everything

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