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Brown Hair in Spanish

Brown Hair in Spanish

How do you say ‘brown hair in Spanish’?. Brown hair is a hair color that varies between dark blonde and black. The brown color is one of the most popular hair shades and it comes after black hair. This hair color has various shades between light (yellowish) and dark (brown).

Brown Hair in Spanish

How to translate brown hair in Spanish?

brown hair – cabello castaño, cabello marrón, cabello café

hair – cabello, pelo


Lily: Marta, me encanta tu cabello castaño | Marta, I love your brown hair

Marta: Sí, lo teñí ayer, también me gusta mucho este color de pelo | Yes, I dyed it yesterday, I also really like this hair color


Tu cabello castaño es hermoso
El pelo de Pedro es castaño
Quiero cambiar mi cabello a castaño
¡Hermoso tu cabello castaño!
Tengo el pelo castaño
Ella tiene el pelo marrón
El cabello castaño es muy llamativo
Quiero un tinte para mi cabello castaño


Your brown hair is beautiful
Pedro’s hair is brown
I want to change my hair to brown
Beautiful your brown hair!
I have brown hair
She has brown hair
Brown hair is very striking
I want a dye for my brown hair

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