Blood Clot in Spanish

Blood Clot in Spanish

How do you say ‘blood clot in Spanish’?. Blood clots are those masses that appear when the blood hardens from liquid to solid and can form anywhere in the body, such as the heart. A blood clot that forms within one of the veins or arteries is called a thrombus. When the thrombus is able to break off and travel from one place in the body to another it is called an embolus. A thrombus or embolus can partially or completely block the flow of blood in a blood vessel.

Blood Clot in Spanish

How to translate blood clot in Spanish?

blood clot – coágulo sanguíneo

clot – coágulo

blood – sangre


Lily: Carlos, James tiene un coágulo de sangre | Carlos, James has a blood clot

Carlos: James tiene que cuidarse, eso es muy peligroso | James has to take care of himself, that’s very dangerous


Tengo un coágulo de sangre
Los coágulos de sangre son peligrosos
El coágulo de sangre puede ser letal
Es importante leer sobre el coágulo de sangre


I have a blood clot
Blood clots are dangerous
Blood clot can be fatal
It is important to read about the blood clot

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