Bladder in Spanish

Bladder in Spanish

How do you say ‘bladder in Spanish’?. The bladder is one of the organs that make up the urinary system. It is a muscular organ, hollow in the shape of a bag or sac that stores the urine produced by the kidneys before being expelled to the outside through the urethra. The bladder is located above the pelvis, and is supported by ligaments attached to the pelvic bones and other organs. Its main function is the storage of urine.

Bladder in Spanish

How to translate bladder in Spanish?

bladder – vejiga


Luisa: Debo ir al baño ahora, tengo la vejiga llena | I must go to the bathroom now, my bladder is full
Marcos: Está bien | OK


Tengo la vejiga llena
Su vejiga tiene mucha orina
Debería revisar mi vejiga con el médico.
Debo tener la vejiga llena para el análisis.
Tengo la vejiga vacía
Creo que tienes una infección de vejiga


I have a full bladder
Her bladder has a lot of urine
I should check my bladder with the doctor.
I must have a full bladder for the analysis.
I have an empty bladder
I think you have a bladder infection

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