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Bird in Spanish

Bird in Spanish
Bird in Spanish
in Spanish translation

How to say bird in Spanish?. Birds are animals that belong to the group of vertebrate. This species of animals have wings which mostly allow them to fly, because there are also some flightless birds. Birds generally fly, walk, jump and swim with agility.

The size of the birds vary depending on the species, they can measure from 6.4 cm to about 2.74 meters. The ostrich is the largest bird in the world. The forelimbs are reshaped with wings, which allow them, in most birds, to fly. Flying is the main means of movement for most birds and they also use it to reproduce, feed and flee from predators.

How to translate bird in Spanish?

bird – pájaro, ave


La mayoría de las aves vuelan
Algunas aves no vuelan
El avestruz es el ave más grande
Los pájaros vuelan grandes distancias
Ese pajarito está muy bonito
Los pájaros pueden ser coloridos
Las aves nadan
Todas las aves caminan
Los pájaros son alegres


Most birds fly
Some birds don’t fly
The ostrich is the largest bird
Birds fly great distances
That little bird is very pretty
Birds can be colorful
Birds swim
All the birds walk
The birds are cheerful

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