Bed Bugs in Spanish

Bed Bugs in Spanish

How do you say ‘bed bugs in Spanish’?. ‘Bed bugs’ is a small, reddish-brown parasitic insect the size of an apple seed that bites the skin to feed on blood. They are found in beds and can bite both humans and sleeping animals, producing red patches on the skin, often with a darker red spot in the middle.

Bed bugs hide in cracks and box springs, as well as in crevices, headboards, bed frames, and any other objects around them. We can find bed bugs more often in public places like hotels, hospitals, or homeless shelters.

Bed Bugs in Spanish

How to translate bed bugs in Spanish?

Bed bugs – Chinches


Lily:  ¡Carlos, mira, la cama tiene chinches! | Carlos, look, the bed has bed bugs!

Carlos: ¿En verdad? | Really?


Las chinches pican con fuerza
La cama tiene chinches
Había chinches en la cama del hotel.
Una chinche me mordió
Exterminaremos a las chinches


Bed bugs bite hard
The bed has bed bugs
There were bed bugs in the hotel bed.
A bed bug bit me
We will exterminate the bed bugs

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