Beautiful Woman in Spanish

beautiful woman in Spanish

How do you say ‘beautiful woman in Spanish’?. A ‘beautiful woman’ is a phrase used when referring to a particular woman who is delightful to the ear or to the eye, is funny, beautiful, divine, pretty, endowed with beauty. This phrase is not only used to describe physical appearance, but is also an internal characteristic, for example, when the woman is morally good and worthy of admiration.

beautiful woman in Spanish

How to translate beautiful woman in Spanish?

beautiful woman – mujer hermosa, mujer preciosa, mujer linda, mujer bonita


Luisa: Marcos, ¿cómo me queda el vestido? | Marcos, how does the dress fit me?
Marcos: Te queda perfecto, tú eres una mujer hermosa | It fits you perfect, you are a beautiful woman


Tú eres una mujer hermosa
Esa chica es una mujer hermosa
La mamá de Ana es una mujer hermosa
Ustedes son unas mujeres hermosas
Ella es muy honesta, es una mujer hermosa
Marta es una mujer muy linda en su interior
Ella también es una mujer preciosa
Nancy es realmente un mujer hermosa
Carlos se casó con una mujer hermosa
¿Sabes que eres un mujer hermosa?
No te preocupes, tú eres una mujer hermosa


You are a beautiful woman
That girl is a beautiful woman
Ana’s mother is a beautiful woman
You are beautiful women
She is very honest, she is a beautiful woman
Marta is a very beautiful woman inside
She is also a beautiful woman
Nancy is really a beautiful woman
Carlos married a beautiful woman
Do you know that you are a beautiful woman?
Don’t worry, you are a beautiful woman

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