Be Nice in Spanish

Be Nice in Spanish

How do you say ‘be nice in Spanish’?. ‘Be nice’ is a phrase used when you ask someone to behave or do things well. It is a positive term that aims to make that person do things correctly and in the most appropriate way.

Be Nice in Spanish

How to translate be nice in Spanish?

be nice (masc.)- se bueno

be nice (fem.)- se buena

be good – se bueno, se buena


Lily: Carlos, por favor se bueno con ellos | Carlos please be nice to them

Carlos: Está bien | OK


Se bueno con tus hermanos
Se bueno en el concurso
Se bueno y educado
Se bueno con tu amigo
Se bueno en la competencia
Se bueno conmigo


Be nice to your brothers
Be good at the contest
Be nice and polite
Be nice to your friend
Be good at the competition
Be nice with me

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