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Bajo in Spanish

bajo in Spanish

bajo in Spanish

When to use Bajo in Spanish?. Bajo is a common Spanish preposition, adjective, and adverb that means being low in some way, either figuratively or literally or under something. Also, bajo is used in common idioms usually as a preposition.

How Do You Use Bajo in Spanish?

Bajo Used as an Adjective

As an adjective, common translations include “low” or “short,” and bajo can also be used
to indicate contemptibility or lack of intensity.


Spanish Sentence – English Translation

Mi prima es baja para su edad.My cousin is short for her age.

No es necesario tratar esta enfermedad de bajo riesgo con quimioterapia.It is not necessary to treat this low-risk illness with chemotherapy.

El valle bajo es rico en historia.The low valley is rich in history.

Tenemos problemas de baja calidad de la señal inalámbrica.We have problems with poor quality of the wireless signal.

Alberto cayó en los más bajos pecados durante los dos años.Alberto fell into the basest sins during the two

La clase baja sufre las consecuencias de su reforma política.The lower class is suffering the consequences of
his political reform.

Son capaces de los más bajos actos de violencia.They are capable of the vilest acts of violence.

La presión sanguínea baja puede ser un signo de enfermedad.Low blood pressure can be a sign of sickness.

Bajo as an Adverb

Although more commonly used as an adjective, bajo can be used as an adverb that means
“quietly” or “softly.” 


Si habla bajo, es necesario elevar volumen del micrófono, which means, “If you speak softly, you need to turn up the microphone volume.”

Another way bajo can be used as an adverb is when describing something falling or flying “low” as in “low to the ground.” 

For example: 

El pájaro volaba muy bajo, which means, “The bird was flying very low.”


Bajo as a Preposition

Bajo can serve as a preposition and can almost always be translated as “under.”

Spanish Sentence – English Sentence

El gato está bajo la cama.The cat is under the bed.

La vida bajo el mar es muy difícil.Life undersea is very difficult.

Un barco mercante encalló bajo un puente.The merchant ship ran aground under a bridge.

Los compresores principales están bajo el coche.The main compressors are under the car.

Correr bajo la lluvia es más gratificante que hacerlo en seco.Running in the rain is more rewarding than doing
it when it’s dry.

Bajo Used in Idioms or Borrowed Phrases

Bajo can also be a preposition with an indefinite meaning when it is used as an idiom or expression. Many of these figurative expressions correspond to similar ones in English, some of which are likely calques. A calque or loan translation is a word or phrase borrowed from another language by literal, word-for-word translation.

Spanish Expression – English Translation

bajo arresto under arrest

bajo circunstancias normales under normal circumstances

bajo condición de que under condition that

bajo construcción under construction

bajo control under control

bajo cubierto undercover

bajo fianza on bail

bajo la influencia under the influence

bajo investigación under investigation

bajo juramento under oath

bajo la mesa under the table

bajo ningún concepto in no conceivable way

bajo palabra on parole

bajo peso underweight

bajo presión under pressure

bajo protesta under protest

Words Related to Bajo

Bajar, is a related verb to bajo, which often means “to lower” or “to get down.” Related adverbs are abajo and debajo, which often mean “underneath,” or “down there.”

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