17 in Spanish

17 in Spanish

How to say 17 in Spanish?. The number 17(seventeen) is a prime number that follows after 16 (sixteen) and is in front of 18 (eighteen). This number is the sum of the first four prime numbers. (2 + 3 + 5 + 7) (two + three + five + seven) and it is the seventh prime number.

17 in Spanish

How to translate 17 in Spanish?

17 – diecisiete (seventeen)

16- dieciséis (sixteen)

18- dieciocho (eighteen)



Tienen diecisiete jóvenes encarcelados
Hay diecisiete chicas en la peluquería.
Mi número preferido es el diecisiete
El restaurante me costó diecisiete dólares
Compré diecisiete manzanas
Mi hermana tiene diecisiete años
Yo he vivido aquí durante diecisiete años
He tenido diecisiete operaciones
Hay diecisiete ejercicios de tarea
El boleto cuesta diecisiete dólares
Eso vale diecisiete dólares
Yo solo tenía diecisiete dólares


They have seventeen youths incarcerated
There are seventeen girls at the salon.
My preferred number is seventeen
The restaurant cost me seventeen dollars
I bought seventeen apples
My sister is seventeen years old
I have lived here for seventeen years
I have had seventeen operations
There are seventeen homework exercises
The ticket costs seventeen dollars
That’s worth seventeen dollars
I only had seventeen dollars

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