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With What in Spanish

With What in Spanish

Let’s learn how to say ‘with what in Spanish’. ‘With what?’ is a phrase that is used to ask about what accompanies something, or to know the things involved in a process.

With What in Spanish

How do you say ‘with what in Spanish’?

This question is translated in this language as: ¿con qué?.


Marta: Pedro, ¿con qué vas a escribir si no hay bolígrafo? | Pedro, with what are you going to write with if there is no pen?

Pedro: Con un lápiz | With a pencil




‘¿Con qué te gustaría tu bebida?’

‘¿Con qué quieres el pollo frito?’

‘With what would you like your drink?’

‘With what do you want fried chicken with?’

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