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Why Not in Spanish

Why Not in Spanish

This article will tell you how to say why not in Spanish. ‘Why not’ is a phrase used as way of agreeing to something. It is usually said as an answer when asked about your preference.

Why Not in Spanish

How do you say ‘why not in Spanish’?

This question is translated in this language as: ¿por qué no?.


Marta: Pedro, ¿por qué no vamos a bailar un rato? | Pedro, why don’t we go dance for a bit?

Pedro: Sí seguro, por qué no | Yes sure, why not




“¿Por qué no la recoges después de la fiesta?”

“¿Por qué no vamos a jugar baloncesto este fin de semana?”

‘Why not you pick her up after the party’

‘Why not we go to play basketball this weekend.’

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