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Where is She in Spanish 

Where is She in Spanish 

How to translate ‘where is she in Spanish? This question is used to ask about the whereabouts or location of a particular person (a female) other than the speaker or the people addressed. Also when the attention of the person (a female) is needed but she is nowhere at that moment or when there is a task waiting for her and it is necessary to know where she is.

Where is She in Spanish 

How do you say ‘Where is she in Spanish’?

This question is translated in the Spanish language as: ¿dónde está ella?.


she – ella

where – dónde


Elsa: Marcus, ¿dónde está ella? | Marcus, where is she?

Marcus: Ella está en la casa | She is at home




Hola. ¿Dónde está María?
¿Dónde está ella ahora?
¿Por qué no está aquí?. ¿Dónde está ella?

Hi. Where is Maria?
Where is she now?
Why is she not here? Where is she?

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