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Where is in Spanish

Where is in Spanish

This article will tell you how do you say ‘where is in Spanish’. This term is used in the English
language to inquire about the whereabouts of anything. It is usually asked as a question to
know more about anything’s placement or position.

Where is in Spanish

How do you say ‘where is in Spanish’?

This question is translated in the Spanish language as: ¿dónde está?, ¿dónde es?.


Marta: Pedro, ¿dónde está él? | Pedro, where is he?

Pedro: Carlos está aquí | Carlos is here

Marta: Pregúntale de dónde es | Ask him where he is from

Pedro: Está bien | OK




‘¿Dónde está mi coche?’

‘Me gustaría saber de dónde es ella’

‘Pregúntale a Mara de dónde es’

‘¿Dónde está la chica nueva que conocimos ayer en la escuela?’

‘Where is my car?’

‘I would like to know where she is from’

‘Ask Mara where she is from’

‘Where is the new girl we met at school yesterday?’

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