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Where Are You Going in Spanish

Where Are You Going in Spanish

This article will tell you how do you say where are you going in Spanish. This question is asked
to someone you know to inquire about where they are headed or where they are going. This
question is asked mostly to people we know closely or our friends and family.

Where Are You Going in Spanish

How do you say ‘where are you going in Spanish’?

This question is translated in the Spanish language as:

tú (you infomal-singular) – ¿A dónde vas?

usted (you fomal-singular) – ¿A dónde va?

ustedes (you plural) – ¿A dónde van?


Marta: Pedro, ¿a dónde vas? | Pedro, where are you going?

Pedro: Voy a casa de Marcos | I’m going to Marcos’s house




‘¿A dónde vas con tus amigos?’

‘¿A dónde vas el fin de semana?’

‘Where are you going with your friends?’

‘Where are you going for the weekend?’

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