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When in Spanish

When in Spanish

This article will tell you how do you say when in Spanish. When is a word which describes a
particular time that something happened. It shows and describes at or what time a thing
happened. When is used as a question word and can be used as a whole sentence itself.

When in Spanish

How do you say ‘when in Spanish’?

This word is translated in the Spanish language as: ¿cuándo?, cuando.

Conversation 1 :

Marta: Pedro, ¿cuándo vienes? | Pedro, when are you coming?

Pedro: La próxima semana | Next week

Conversation 2 :

Marta: Pedro, cuando vengas te prepararé un almuerzo | Pedro, when you come I will prepare a lunch for you

Pedro: Gracias Marta | Thank you Marta




‘¿Cuándo vas a comprar una casa nueva?’

‘¿Cuándo vas a la fiesta?’

Cuando salgas, me avisas

Cuando comience a llover, me llamas

‘When are you going to buy a new house?’

‘When are you going to the party?’

When you go out, let me know

When it starts to rain, you call me

More Examples:


¿Cuándo van al Zoológico? – When are they going to the Zoo?
¿Cuándo estarás ahí?- When will you be there?

Conversation 3:

Luisa: ¿Cuándo llegó usted? (When did you arrive?)

Nelson: Yo llegué ayer (I arrived yesterday.)

Conversation 4:

Luisa: ¿Cuándo es su cumpleaños? (When is your birhtday?)

Nelson: Mi cumpleaños es mañana. (My birthday is tomorrow.)

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