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What Does Neta Mean in Spanish

What Does Neta Mean in Spanish

This article will give you a clear idea of what does Neta means in Spanish. Neta is a word from the Spanish language that means net. Net is a device made of fabric or ropes tied together to catch things like fish. Another meaning of net is when we refer to a network, for example, the network of a company.

On the other hand, in some countries, ‘la neta’ is used as a slang phrase that means ‘la verdad’ translated into the English language as ‘the truth’.

What Does Neta Mean in Spanish


neta, neto – net

la neta (la verdad) – the true

red – network

What does ‘la neta’ mean in Spanish?

This phrase is translated in the English language as: the true.


Marta: Pedro, ¿estas tú mintiéndome? | Pedro, are you lying to me?

Pedro: Te aseguro que es la neta (Te aseguro que es la verdad) | I assure you that it is the truth




‘El niño atrapaba mariposas con su red’

‘El beneficio neto de la empresa se disparó
en el último año’.

‘The child was catching butterflies with his net’

‘The company’s net profit sky-rocketed in the last year’

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