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What Does Mande Mean in Spanish

What Does Mande Mean in Spanish

This article will tell you what does mande mean in Spanish.

1- The word mande comes from the verb ‘mandar’ which means to send. In this case, mande could be used as a substitute for envie. Note that mande is from the verb ‘mandar’ conjugated in the third person singular (she/he) and with (you) in the formal singular of the present tense.

2- Also this word is used as a command, authorizing a person to order, instruct, direct, command or dictate an order that will be carried out. In this case, mande could be used as a substitute for ordene .

Mande is a word which can form a whole sentence itself.

What Does Mande Mean in Spanish

What does mande mean in Spanish?

This word is translated in the English language as:

to send – mandar

send – mande *used with she/he/you(formal)(singular)*

command, instruct, order, direct, order – mandar

to send – enviar

to order – ordenar

Conversation 1:

Marta: Por favor, mande el paquete a la oficina | Please send the package to the office

Pedro: Perfecto, ningún problema | Perfect, no problem..

Conversation 2:

Marta: Buenos días jefe, usted mande | Good morning boss, you order.

Pedro: Por favor vaya hoy al banco y deposite este dinero | Please go to the bank today and deposit this money.




Necesito que mande con Carlos el dinero
Por favor, mande dos paquetes de café
Hola jefe, usted mande
Está bien, como usted mande

I need you to send the money with Carlos
Please send two packets of coffee
Hello boss, you order
Ok, as you order

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