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What Does Hoto Mean in Spanish

What Does Hoto Mean in Spanish

This article will show you what does Hoto mean in Spanish. Hoto is a dish made with udon noodles and vegetables that are boiled in miso soup. The udon in this soup is prepared as dumplings instead of noodles. Rice flour is used to make this type of noodles.

What Does Hoto Mean in Spanish

How do you say Hoto in Spanish?

This word remains the same in both languages.


Marta: Pedro, el Hoto estaba bien delicioso | Pedro, the Hoto was very delicious.

Pedro: Sí, muchas gracias | Yes, thank you very much




‘El restaurante sirve el mejor Hoto de la ciudad’

‘Mi madre cocina Hoto todos los fines de semana’

‘The restaurant serves the best Hoto in town’

‘My mother cooks Hoto every weekend’

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