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What Does Coño Mean in Spanish

What Does Coño Mean in Spanish

Reading this article will give you an idea about what does coño mean in Spanish. Coño is a word
from the Spanish language and is also a slang.

What Does Coño Mean in Spanish

How do you say ‘coño in Spanish’?

This word is translated in the English language as: pussy, cunt, twat, fanny.

When asking a question in some cases this word is similar to the phrase: ‘what the hell?’


Marta: Pedro, ¿qué coño está pasando? | Pedro, what the hell is going on?

Pedro: Nada | Nothing

What does cono mean in Spanish?

In another hand we have the word ‘cono’ which means ‘cone’. This word describes a shape that has a circular bas that tapers up to a pointed end. It is a three-dimensional shape that forms after merging a circle and a triangle.




‘El niño estaba comiendo un cono de helado’

‘Ella compró un cono decorativo en la tienda’

‘The kid was eating an ice-cream cone’

‘She bought a decorative cone piece from the store’

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