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What Does Chicos Mean in Spanish

What Does Chicos Mean in Spanish

This article is going to tell you what does chicos mean in Spanish. Chicos means ‘boys’. The word boy means a male child, young male child or a man, especially of a young age or relatively young one.

What Does Chicos Mean in Spanish

How to translate chicos in Spanish?

This word is translated in the English language as: boys


boys – chicos, muchachos

girls – chicas, muchachas


Marta: Pedro, ¿a dónde fueron los chicos? | Pedro, where did the boys go?

Pedro: Fueron al parque | They went to the park




“Los chicos estaban parados en la esquina de la calle”

“Los chicos esperaban a las chicas en la fiesta”

“The boys were standing on the corner of the street”

“The boys were waiting for the girls at the party”

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