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What Does Chichi Mean in Spanish

What does chichi mean in Spanish

This article is going to tell you what does chichi mean in Spanish. Chichi is a Spanish word used as a slang and also as a name.

What does chichi mean in Spanish

How do you say chichi in Spanish?

Let’s find out how this word is translated in the English language:

Chichi in Colombia means ‘urine’.

This word in Spain means ‘vagina’.

In Panama, El Salvador and Honduras it means ‘baby’.

In Mexico it means ‘breast’.

Chichi in some parts of Argentina means ‘young girl’.


urine- orina

vagina – vagina

baby- bebé

breast – seno

young girl – chica joven, muchacha joven, jovencita

This word often refers to the genital parts of women. In some other countries, this word is used to address women in a vulgar way.




‘Él le estaba mirando las chichis a ella’

‘Quiero llevarme una chichi a casa esta noche’.

‘He was looking at her breasts’

‘I want to take a woman home tonight’

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