Stop in Spanish

How do you say stop in Spanish

Let’s find out how do you say stop in Spanish. This article that you are going to read will tell you in detail how do you say stop in Spanish.

How do you say stop in Spanish

The word stop is an action word from the English language which means to come to an
end or cease to happen. This word is often used in traffic rules where the word stop means to halt or not move forward. The antonym or opposite word of stop is start which means to begin something. The opposite word for stop can also be go or continue which means to move forward or to continue the action.

How do you say stop in Spanish?

The translation of the word stop in Español is ‘para’, ‘detente’ or ‘alto’. Now just be very careful because the word para in English is also translated as ‘for’ or ‘to’, and alto is an adjective translated in English as tall.

How do you say go in Spanish? The translation of the word go in Español is ‘ir’.
Having walked around the city, you must have seen the ‘stop’ sign at many places. This sign
depicts that the area is off limits and further proceeding is against the law. These ‘stop’ sign
also indicate the presence of school or hospital nearby. Hence, the stop sign is used to make
people cautious.

Sentences with the word stop in Spanish

No corras más, ya para.Don’t run anymore, stop.
No se para en la carrera por la vida.It does not stop in the race for life.
Solo para y voltea la vista.Just stop and look away.
Para ya con ese vicio absurdo.Stop with that absurd vice.
No sigas bebiendo tanto, por favor para ya.Stop drinking so much, please stop now.
Para sin llegar a la hecatombe de tu vida.Stop without reaching the catastrophe of your life.
Para ya ese juego a la ruleta.Stop that game of roulette.
El águila no para de volar tan alto.The eagle does not stop flying so high.
El éxito no para cuando es genuino.Success doesn’t stop when it’s genuine.
La PC no para de reiniciarse.PC won’t stop restarting.
No arriesgues tu vida, detente.Don’t risk your life, stop.
Detente ahí, Pánfilo.Stop right there, Panfilo.
No cruces si hay tanto tráfico, solo detente.Don’t cross if there is so much traffic, just stop.
Detente y no robes esa casa.Stop and don’t rob that house.
Detente mi niño, no llores más.Stop my child, don’t cry anymore.
No llenes tanto la lavadora, detente o la romperás.Do not fill the washing machine so much, stop or you will break it.
No sigas mintiendo y detente que es muy feo.Don’t keep lying and stop, it’s very ugly.
Detente mientras sea posible.Stop while possible.
No sigas en esa relación, detente porque es muy tóxica.Do not continue in that relationship, stop because it is very toxic.
Detente en la cuesta abajo de la vida.Stop on the downhill of life.
Alto ahí o disparo.Stop there or I shoot.
Llegue a lo más alto del podio.Get to the top of the podium.
Alto, alto como un pino y pesa menos que un comino.Tall, tall as a pine and weighs less than a cumin.
Todos gritaron: alto al fuego.They all shouted: cease fire.
Las bocinas se oyen muy alto.The speakers are very loud.
Sotomayor es campeón del salto alto.Sotomayor is a high jump champion.
Deje caer de lo más alto mis sueños.Let my dreams fall from the top.
Estuve en lo más alto de la cima.I was at the top of the peak.
El monte Ever es el más alto del mundo.Mount Ever is the highest in the world.
Quisiera volar tan alto.I want to fly so high.
Alto, detente.Stop, stop.
Alto, para ya el vehículo.Stop, stop the vehicle.

Now you have fair idea of the usage of the word stop and its translation in Spanish language.