Pinochos in Spanish

Pinochos in Spanish

In this article you will learn what pinochos means in Spanish.

1- “Pinochos” is the wooden puppet featured in the book “The Adventures of Pinocchio”, written by Carlo Collodi, a pseudonym for Carlo Lorenzini, and published in an Italian newspaper between 1882 and 1883.

2- A new pine is also called ‘Pinocho’ in botany.

Pinochos in Spanish

How to translate pinochos in Spanish?

Pinocho – Pinocchio

pinocho – new pine (botany)


Lily: Hola Carlos, ¿pudiste ver las aventuras de Pinocho en la televisión? | Hi Carlos, were you able to watch the adventures of Pinocchio on TV?

Carlos: Sí, lo ví | Yes, I saw it


Me gusta mucho ver las aventuras de Pinocho
Ese pinocho es bien alto
Si sigues diciendo mentiras, tu nariz crecerá como Pinocho


I really like to watch the adventures of Pinocchio
That new pine is very tall
If you keep telling lies your nose will grow like Pinocchio

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