La Charreada

la charreada

La charreada or charrería is considered by many as the national sport of Mexico. It is based on the traditional activities of livestock, is practiced on ‘charro canvases’ and has its origin in the Llanos de Apan.

la charreada

In the charrería there are ten tasks or charras luck: the horse cove, the piales on the canvas, the coleadero, the bull riding, the triple in the ring, the mare riding, the manganas on foot, the manganas on horseback, the passing of death and the skirmish. They consist of demonstrations of skill, both riding and lassoing horses, mares or bulls.

the horse cove – la cala de caballo

the piales on the canvas – los piales en el lienzo

the coleadero – el coleadero

the bull riding, – el jineteo de toro

the triple in the ring – la terna en el ruedo, el jineteo de yegua, las manganas a pie, las manganas a caballo, el paso de la muerte y la escaramuzacharra.


Let’s all go to the charreada together – Vamos juntos todos a la charreada

What does fiesta charra mean?