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Inciendo in Spanish

Inciendo in Spanish

This article will tell you what ‘inciendo’ means in Spanish. This word is misspelled, the correct word is ‘incienso’. ‘Incienso’ is translated as ‘aromatic or fragrant substance’, ‘incense’. This term defines a type of biotic material that is used to spread aroma or fragrance over a place. This type of material is usually used with diffusers that help spread the aroma.

Inciendo in Spanish

‘Inciendo’ – How to translate incienso in Spanish?

incense – incienso (singular)

incenses – inciensos (plural)


Lily: Carlos, vamos a comprar unos inciensos | Carlos, let’s buy some incenses

Carlos: Está bien | OK


Esos inciensos huelen muy bien
¿Pudiste comprar los inciensos?
¿Cuánto valen los inciensos?


Those incenses smell so good
Were you able to buy the incenses?
How much are incenses worth?

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